Through the IDA Institute, the IDA-2 authors offer essential training, consultation, and technical assistance.

IDA-2 Testimonials



What Experts Say About IDA


"I would hope that all assessments in the first few years would follow the procedures of the IDA."



T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.

Professor of Pediatrics, Emeritus

Founding Member, Zero to Three

Harvard Medical School



"I have found IDA an indispensable framework for simultaneously teaching infant development and infant assessment to graduate students from across the infant/family serving professions. IDA is “an essential” in your professional toolkit for assessment, intervention planning and professional preparation."



Gilbert M. Foley, Ed.D.

Consulting Clinical Psychologist, New York Center for Child Development

Co-Director, Professional Preparation Program in Infant Mental Health and Developmental Practice

Adelphi University Institute for Parenting & Co-Editor with Dr. Jane Hochman of “Mental Health in Early Intervention”



"The IDA-2 philosophical and theoretical foundations are a solid base for developmental assessment best practice.”



Lois Davis Ph.D.

Longtime IDA Practitioner and Trainer




What Parents Say About IDA


 “My husband and I discussed all that went on in such a short time. We were impressed with how thorough the evaluation was and how helpful the recommendations were.”


“Although Jamie’s problems were not very severe, I felt our concerns were really respected and taken seriously. We learned what we wanted to know from this evaluation.”


“Your consideration of our feelings helped ease a stressful situation.”


 “I appreciated hearing about Molly’s strengths; it made me feel more optimistic, even though I know we have a lot of work ahead.”




What Providers Say About IDA


 “IDA helped me considerably by putting together an enormous amount of information in an organized way. I find it much easier to focus in on what I am looking for.” (pediatrician/private practice)


“The IDA process has definitely helped me in my work; it gives me the guidelines to really view the child as a ‘whole.’ The strengths are the integrated process and the emphasis on emotional development.” (special educator/ community intervention program)


 “I feel much more comfortable with young children and now have confidence in my ability to look at them with less restricted eyes.” (speech and language pathologist)


“IDA helped me identify when a specialty evaluation or direct service is indicated.” (physical therapist/early intervention private practice)


“I am especially pleased with the medical/health component, and the physician contact has been very helpful.” (special educator/early intervention)


“I feel the IDA process actualizes the interdisciplinary model.” (psychologist/behavioral health clinic)




What Learners Say About IDA Training


"The IDA Training Course presented a wealth of knowledge in an easy to digest format. The information, theory and practical application was exceptional."

"The presentation was excellent. I appreciate the knowledge of the instructor as well as the excellent examples."


"Knowledgeable and engaged instructor with good teaching skills. This was an excellent experience and I learned a lot that will be of immediate use in my work with young children and their families."


“I have been in the early intervention field for a very long time and have seen many testing measures over the years. The IDA is the best that I have seen for overall development; it allows for our clinical expertise while providing a more structured way to view a child's development within the family and health contexts."



Who We Are


The IDA Institute is the home of the Infant Toddler Developmental Assessment (IDA-2), which considers the full range of infant and toddler development, appreciating that each domain is influenced by, and interacts continuously and dynamically with, every other domain of development.  Through the IDA Institute, the IDA-2 authors offer essential training, consultation, and technical assistance.

The IDA-2 Authors


  • Sally Provence M.D.
  • Joanna Erikson MPH
  • Susan Vater Ed. M.
  • Kyle Pruett M.D.
  • Jennifer Rosinia Ph.D., OTR/L
  • Saro Palmeri M.D.

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The IDA Institute helps practitioners take full advantage of the IDA-2 best practices in developmental assessment.

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IDA-2 is a Best Practice assessment that measures all domains of development and aligns with the OSEP Early Childhood Outcomes and Head Start Child Outcomes

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