Through the IDA Institute, the IDA-2 authors offer essential training, consultation, and technical assistance.
The IDA-2 measures all domains of child development and is a best practice measure.


The IDA Components




During the IDA process, practitioners gather information from multiple sources, integrate that information in a meaningful way, and create a plan of action. Duplication of effort and information is eliminated. This saves time and money, reduces the stress created by more fragmented approaches, and yields more complete information. The IDA process leads to efficient and informed decisions.





A unique aspect of IDA is its solid health component. The impact of health on the child’s development must be considered. Non-healthcare professionals can obtain and organize important health information with the guidance provided in IDA.





Parents are engaged as full partners in the assessment process. As a result, data includes their experiences with the child in natural environments over the child’s life span and as full participants in the process, parents gain insight into their child’s status and needs, and are therefore committed to implementing the resulting recommendations.



Developmental Profile...


The Provence Profile, authored by Sally Provence, M.D., comprises the developmental assessment in Phase Four of IDA. The Provence Profile covers eight developmental domains: gross motor, fine motor, cognitive/relationship to inanimate objects, communication & language, self-help, relationship to persons, emotions and feeling states, and coping.


At the IDA Institute, you can learn everything you need to start practicing the infant toddler developmental assessment.

IDA-2 meets all federal requirements of IDEA

IDA-2 aligns with the OSEP early childhood Outcomes and Head Start Child Outcomes

Who We Are


The IDA Institute is the home of the Infant Toddler Developmental Assessment (IDA-2), which considers the full range of infant and toddler development, appreciating that each domain is influenced by, and interacts continuously and dynamically with, every other domain of development.  Through the IDA Institute, the IDA-2 authors offer essential training, consultation, and technical assistance.

The IDA-2 Authors


  • Sally Provence M.D.
  • Joanna Erikson MPH
  • Susan Vater Ed. M.
  • Kyle Pruett M.D.
  • Jennifer Rosinia Ph.D., OTR/L
  • Saro Palmeri M.D.

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IDA Institute is the Home of the IDA-2.
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IDA-2 is a Best Practice assessment that measures all domains of development and aligns with the OSEP Early Childhood Outcomes and Head Start Child Outcomes