As featured in New Visions for the Developmental Assessment
of Infants and Young Children  -  (Meisels and Fenichel   -  1997)
The IDA is a multidisciplinary family-oriented set of processes and procedures that include the Provence Developmental Profile. Named for its author, Sally Provence M.D., the Provence Profile is the assessment measure integral to the IDA process.
Parents are partners in all aspects of the assessment.
The IDA provides a framework of procedures for collecting, reviewing and integrating data from multiple sources. These procedures consist of activities in six distinct phases: referral and pre-interview data gathering, parent interview, health review, developmental observation and assessment with the Provence Profile, integration and synthesis of information, and reporting findings. Each phase offers an important piece in the puzzle of information gathered and addresses the complexity of specialized disciplines that serve young children at risk.
The IDA contains all the materials and the training needed to use this unique developmental process which includes the Provence Profile.

IDA forges partnerships among the professionals involved in the assessment process: the parents or caregivers, the health care providers and the service providers, resulting in better information, planning and service.
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