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This option includes access to all online training courses and consultation. Providing everything the self-guided learner needs to become proficient in the IDA, including a live Q&A with an IDA author.
This option includes the scoring practice course and consultation only. It is the best choice for those already comfortable with the IDA who want to focus primarily on scoring The Provence Profile.
This option includes the complete online training course followed by a live webinar. With expert guidance covering all aspects of the IDA, you will quickly learn to successfully administer the IDA.
This option is best for those who already feel they have a good grasp of the IDA and Scoring but require support. Get access to Live web meetings, chat, one-on-one phone consultation and more.
If you have a unique need not listed here or wish to register for your group.
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If you need to purchase any of the IDA Materials before your online training.
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*special rates available for groups of three or more
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